JSS 56

Jena Spaceborne Scanner

The Jena Spaceborne Scanner JSS is the latest multi-spectral imager used on micro-satellite missions.

The RapidEye satellite system is composed of five identical earth observation satellites, and each of them is equipped with one multi-spectral imager from Jena-Optronik as the heart of the platform.

Covering the Earth’s surface continuously line-by-line (pushbroom principle) the imager of Jena-Optronik enables the precise data acquisition of an approximately 80 kilometres wide strip of land with a pixel size of 6.5 metres out of 630 kilometres. Working in five spectral channels, covering the wavelength range from visible to near infrared and will provide pin sharp multi-spectral and high resolution images. The formation of the satellite system enables a constant global coverage and therefore up-to-date information on a daily basis. Due to the high repetition rate the gained data provide important information in the field of environmental monitoring, landscape architecture or disaster management.

Beyond that there is going to be an increased commercial benefit for potential end users such as agricultural insurers, who need to forecast or report damages, institutions such as the EU, companies which trade in agricultural commodities and farm corporations that rely on precision crop management.

Jena-Optronik successfully continues its activities in the field of Earth observation instruments with a Jena Spaceborne Scanner for a SSTL-150 satellite platform by Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. within the Kazakhstan ERS-MRES Project.

New images for the data archive of our planet: Satellite Sentinel-2B has sent its first views of the earth

On 7th March 2017 Sentinel-2B was launched. It is the fifth satellite for the EU ‘Copernicus’ earth observation program. Essential components of the satellite’s multi-spectral instrument (MSI) were supplied by the aerospace company Jena Optronik GmbH, based in Thuringia, and provide a new perspective of our earth.

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High-tech made in Jena, Germany, for the new satellite platform SmallGEO

The following feat was made possible thanks to the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the European Space Agency (ESA): In Germany, the new satellite platform SmallGEO, which is developed in Bremen by satellite manufacturer OHB System AG, makes it possible to deliver whole satellites. Attitude control sensors by Thuringia-based space company Jena-Optronik GmbH are also included.

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Konnichiwa, successful exhibition in Tokyo

From October, 12-15 2016 we presented us and our products on a GErman Joint booth together with DLR and OHB at the Japan Aerospace Exhibition, Tokyo

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Today’s generation requires a more in-depth knowledge of the world than the previous generation ever did. By exploring space, we are able to discover, survey and understand our home planet. On our updated website, we intend to give you an insight into the world of aerospace and the technology Jena-Optronik produces. Accompany us on our journey!

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Space: It’s all around us

Space inspires us all and creates a wealth of knowledge

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