High resolution radiometer

Jena-Optronik is developing a new generation of METimage cameras for weather satellites. The development order has been awarded by the German Aerospace Center (DLR). METimage will play a central role in supplying images for weather forecasting and meteorological data.

In the development an innovative approach will be chosen with support from the German Aerospace Center: the telescope rotates as it takes its readings, enabling it to capture an exceptionally large image from horizon to horizon.

Back in 2003 Jena-Optronik developed and patent registered the proposed concept. Over recent years the project has been developed further with the support of the Deutscher Wetterdienst (Germany's National Meteorological Service), the Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Affairs and the German Aerospace Center.

METimage is to be used on the next generation of low-flying weather satellites, the Post-EUMETSAT Polar System (EPS). It will be far superior to the current system in terms of resolution and image width as it can photograph a strip nearly 3000 kilometers wide with a resolution of 500 meters and better. The instrument currently in orbit offers a resolution of 1100 meters. The marked improvement in the quality of the images will provide for six-day weather forecasts in advance, significantly longer than at present.

It accomplishes the user requirements for measurements of physical parameters in the atmosphere, of the sea surface and of the land surface to assess meteorologically relevant states.

New images for the data archive of our planet: Satellite Sentinel-2B has sent its first views of the earth

On 7th March 2017 Sentinel-2B was launched. It is the fifth satellite for the EU ‘Copernicus’ earth observation program. Essential components of the satellite’s multi-spectral instrument (MSI) were supplied by the aerospace company Jena Optronik GmbH, based in Thuringia, and provide a new perspective of our earth.

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High-tech made in Jena, Germany, for the new satellite platform SmallGEO

The following feat was made possible thanks to the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the European Space Agency (ESA): In Germany, the new satellite platform SmallGEO, which is developed in Bremen by satellite manufacturer OHB System AG, makes it possible to deliver whole satellites. Attitude control sensors by Thuringia-based space company Jena-Optronik GmbH are also included.

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Konnichiwa, successful exhibition in Tokyo

From October, 12-15 2016 we presented us and our products on a GErman Joint booth together with DLR and OHB at the Japan Aerospace Exhibition, Tokyo

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Today’s generation requires a more in-depth knowledge of the world than the previous generation ever did. By exploring space, we are able to discover, survey and understand our home planet. On our updated website, we intend to give you an insight into the world of aerospace and the technology Jena-Optronik produces. Accompany us on our journey!

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Space: It’s all around us

Space inspires us all and creates a wealth of knowledge

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