Ground Support Equipment

A wide range of ground support equipment is available to perfectly suit your star sensor testing needs

The Ground Support Equipment for star sensors offered by Jena-Optronik perfectly covers all your star sensor testing needs. In each development phase of your spacecraft AOCS, Jena-Optronik star sensors can thus be complemented by smart, powerful and reliable test Equipment.

The Jena-Optronik Optical Sky Stimulator (OSI) is a smart, lightweight, and powerful star sensor test device. It can be used to image a sky scenery containing stars moons planets and other celestial bodies directly to the star sensor. This allows a real end-to-end test of all the relevant star sensor functions and performance in closed loop dynamic mode.

Due to its small mass it can be used to test star sensors which are already attached to a satellite. Another great feature of the OSI is the synchronization of several OSIs in order to test a multi head configuration AOCS.

The Optical Star Pattern Simulator (OSPS) is a simple, robust, and budget saving optical test system for the Jena-Optronik ASTRO APS star sensor. It statically simulates a real star pattern.

It comes in several flavors to perfectly suit different customer needs: the OSPS-Standard for ambient test conditions, the OSPS-TV for use in TVAC, and the OSPS-PEEK reducing the electromagnetic shielding of the star sensor by the test system. The OSPS is plug and play ready for the Jena Optronik ASTRO APS. This enables a quick and easy integration of the OSPS into the users test setup.

The ASTRO APS Unit Tester (UT) takes over the role of the spacecraft AOCS in case of stand-alone testing for Star Sensors. It powers the ASTRO APS, controls and communicates with it and receives data from it. Together with an Optical Sky Simulator (OSI) it offers the capability for closed loop tests of the ASTRO APS.

The Unit Tester comprises a power supply unit, a standard industrial PC and a user friendly graphical user interface allowing the comfortable control of all Unit Tester functions. The whole system is integrated into a rugged standard 19-inch industrial rack, which is best suited for use in laboratory or manufacturing environments.

Sierra Nevada Corporation wählt Sensortechnologie aus Jena für Raumfahrtmission der Zukunft aus

Die Jena-Optronik ist Zulieferer für das Raumfahrzeug der nächsten Generation, den wiederverwendbaren Dream Chaser®

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Mit Bestnoten ausgezeichnet

Das Raumfahrtunternehmen Jena-Optronik GmbH wurde mit dem „Supplier Excellence Award“ des US-amerikanischen Satellitenherstellers Space Systems Loral ausgezeichnet.

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