Space travel has many different facets. Mankind’s desire to explore the universe and the quest for new discoveries pushes us far into outer space, whilst giving us an ever deeper understanding of the earth itself - by providing us with answers, information and new visions.

40 years ago, on the 12th September 1976, the MKF-6 multi-spectral camera was first used in space on board the Soyuz 22 spacecraft. It allowed six different multi-spectral ranges of light to be captured on special, highly-sensitive black-and-white film, an innovation back then, and produced the first detailed images of our home planet. It was this multi-spectral camera used to observe the earth, alongside the first autonomous star sensors, that represented the initial knowledge of the team who would later found Jena-Optronik GmbH in 1991.

Today’s generation requires a more in-depth knowledge of the world than the previous generation ever did. By exploring space, we are able to discover, survey and understand our home planet. On our updated website, we intend to give you an insight into the world of aerospace and the technology Jena-Optronik produces. Accompany us on our journey.

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