Jena-Optronik receives international AARP Best Employer Award

AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons) honors the personnel policy of Jena-Optronik GmbH.  The award winners are selected through the evaluation factors recruitment policy opprortunities to lifelong  learning and advanced training, personnel development, workplace design, flexible work time models as well as gradual retirement and targeted health promotion.

Jena-Optronik was suggested for the award by the Thuringian demographic network, who supported the whole application process. “Our congratulations for winning the AARP award. It became clear in the cooperation with Jena-Optronik that the company plans, adapts and carries out essential aspects of demographic personnel development and is therefore with this engagement a good practical example”, explains Dr. Martin Lampert, demography consultant at the Thuringian demographic network. 

The award was presented on September 13th in Chicago and was received by Dietmar Ratzsch, President & CEO Jena-Optronik and Sabine Oppitz, Head of Human Ressources. “We are proud that the international committee highly appreciates our efforts for experienced employees – after all 47% of our workforce are 50 years and older. Demography is a special concern of our company. That is why we started the project “55plus” in 2009. The suggestions given within the framework of the project were the basis for our demographic personnel policy, which we will consequently continue”, says Sabine Oppitz.

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