Star competence honored with “High Five Award”

American technology group and satellite manufacturer Lockheed Martin awards “High Five Award” to a project team of Jena-Optronik GmbH.


Since a decision made a few years ago by Lockheed Martin to internationalize its supplier base, Jena-Optronik had the opportunity to bid for the delivery of star sensors on a number of programs. Since that opportunity, first supply contracts have been signed with Jena-Optronik and first deliveries have been made. 


“It is exciting contributing to Lockheed Martin on programs such as Orion and others, and to be part of the extended team. In the day-to-day business we are very impressed by their high competency, their dedication, and their cooperative way of working. Their outstanding attitude has enabled our team to perform at its best. We will do our outmost to continue supporting Lockheed Martin in all current and future projects with our technology and dedication,” stated Stefan Humbla, project management at Jena-Optronik.


Jena-Optronik delivers star sensors from the ASTRO family to the US-based satellite manufacturer. Lockheed Martin is the prime contractor for designing and building numerous satellites and other space systems for both institutional and commercial customers, among them the Orion spacecraft for NASA. Jena-Optronik is proud to be part of this and other advanced space missions supplying the ASTRO APS Star Sensors for the attitude and orbit control systems.


“The Lockheed Martin team has been impressed with the products and services received from Jena-Optronik and that led to awarding the Jena team with our High Five Award,” explains Reg T. Weber, Jr., Subcontractor Manager at Lockheed Martin Space.


The Subcontractor High Five medals were awarded to six Jena-Optronik team members from project management, engineering, and sales for their contribution to mission success.


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