Multi-purpose space observation camera

Jena-Optronik’s rad-hard ASTRO CL Cam is an all-rounder space camera for all Space Situational Awareness (SSA) applications onboard your satellite and even beyond:

  • Spacecraft servicing and docking with non-standard interfaces
  • Space object and debris observation
  • Robotic inspection or in-orbit assembly
  • Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT)
  • Augmentation / machine learning
  • Multi-purpose camera via a wide range of software application for flexible satellite missions

ASTRO CL Cam has been developed to meet the specific requirements for the “new space“ market demands in observation, identification and tracking of other satellites that are crossing by closely within your vicinity.

Different camera options have been designed: The inaugural configurations are the wide angle camera with a 68° Field-of-View and a 20° Field-of-View camera.

It is based on the same design as its star tracker version, the ASTRO CL in terms of low cost, radiation robustness, high volume production and Performance.

The new space camera is the most effective solution to

  • detect a satellite, from when it is far away and just a light spot,
  • keep observation while it is getting closer
  • provide features of its exterior for measurement intelligence (MASINT).

ASTRO CL Cam is the optimal basis sensor for

  • the customer’s image processing application
  • applying extra available SSA application solutions by Jena-Optronik for the customer onboard the customer’s satellite

even under harsh environmental conditions.


All applied parts and materials are consequently radiation hard and latch-up free by design. The unit is able to withstand radiation critical orbits used by state-of-the-art constellations. It is designed for up to 15 years lifetime in GEO and ten years in LEO. EEE-parts level is selectable from constellation grade (baseline) to high-rel.

ASTRO CL Cam is your next go-to camera when it comes to SSA and navigation applications. The small size, low mass (<300 g), the optical features (narrow field or ultra-wide field) and best of its class camera sensor functions fit all satellite missions, which aim to monitor their space surrounding in a secure and sustainable way.

Exploring a new world: NASA’s Psyche mission spacecraft equipped with sensor technology from Jena

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